DPDR and OCD/Hypochondria

In this post I will be talking about an important but often neglected part of chronic DPDR, namely the involvement of obsessive tendencies and/or hypochondria. In literature, not a lot of attention is paid to the connection, but I would like to make some connections. Firstly, a very good read is this post from aContinue reading “DPDR and OCD/Hypochondria”

DPDR and Objective Reality

This post will talk more about the derealization part of DPDR, the side I struggle with the most… I will start by saying that not all of this discussion is what I would call scientifically factual, since it involves many concepts of philosophy which is not quite an exact science. So, derealization is a viciousContinue reading “DPDR and Objective Reality”

Explaining DPDR to Others

In this post I would like to go more into detail in something we certainly all have trouble with: explaining what DPDR is like to others, and even to ourselves. I’m sure most of the sufferers have spent countless hours thinking of ways to actually put into words what it feels like to actually beContinue reading “Explaining DPDR to Others”

DPDR and Antidepressants

Today I wanted to talk a bit about antidepressants, namely the SSRIs and Tricyclics. Why these? Well, for one they are the most prescribed antidepressants worldwide, and they are also the ones I have some personal experience with. It’s important to understand their role in stabilizing your mood, anxiety, depression, and how they help yourContinue reading “DPDR and Antidepressants”

DPDR and Safety

Feeling safe and secure is something all of us strive for. For most of us, this safety is found in being at home, in a place you know and love, or having loved ones around. For people with anxiety this ‘safety area’ shrinks somewhat, making it for example more difficult to socialize with others orContinue reading “DPDR and Safety”

DPDR and Depression

Again not the promised general review of DPDR, but it’s a long and difficult subject that I’m currently working on. Coming soon, I promise. The feelings of depression that accompany DPDR is a subject that I’ve not found much information about, be it in research and online, yet it is an important aspect to understandContinue reading “DPDR and Depression”

My Journey So Far Part I

This is going to be a long post, and if you’re only interested in treatment you can safely skip this one. I said I would post a general outline of DPDR first, but it seems my inspiration brought me elsewhere… So, without further ado, here is my journey with anxiety, panic disorder, OCD-like thought patterns,Continue reading “My Journey So Far Part I”

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