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DPDR and OCD/Hypochondria

In this post I will be talking about an important but often neglected part of chronic DPDR, namely the involvement of obsessive tendencies and/or hypochondria. In literature, not a lot of attention is paid to the connection, but I would like to make some connections. Firstly, a very good read is this post from aContinue reading “DPDR and OCD/Hypochondria”

DPDR and Objective Reality

This post will talk more about the derealization part of DPDR, the side I struggle with the most… I will start by saying that not all of this discussion is what I would call scientifically factual, since it involves many concepts of philosophy which is not quite an exact science. So, derealization is a viciousContinue reading “DPDR and Objective Reality”

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My name is Cedric, currently recovering and suffering from DPDR (Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder). This blog is about my progress, kind of a public diary on my thoughts and emotions, and my discoveries on finding relief and hopefully eventually achieve complete recovery.

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